If my words ignited your soul, I would write until I had no more. All my ink I would spill, knowing that in your life a space I would fill. I’m no ordinary gal, writing ordinary words; my ordinary is extraordinary. A small concept I’ll transform into a great idea and transfigure a thought into a perfect creation, get your mind wandering and debating. Ignite your lobes through your senses, get you dancing my dances. Your vocal cords vibrating and your bloodstream exhilarating. I’ll make your heart, beat to the rhythm of my words and your body crash to stories like you’ve never heard. I’ll make you want my phrases, make everything seem faded. With a few lines catch your interest, have you searching all day like you do on Pinterest…Give me your hand and let’s enter my world; let me show you things, you’ve never dreamed before.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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  1. To Marlin Alicia of https://soultoink.net/,

    I don’t know how you found me, but that comment of yours was the spark that ignited all This in me. You gave me the impetus to reach out, to join you in the napowrimo challenge, and to trust myself and continue on in spite of no readers.

    Thank you.


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