Day 21- Re-order

Day 21- Choose one of the poems you’ve already written and posted as part of this challenge and re-order it in some way. You could rearrange the lines or stanzas or even words in a line. Think of it as a puzzle!

I will be the friend you never had.

Show in our pages that for this you’ll always be glad.

I will write you into my story and hope that you will do the same.

Because I know how feeling unwanted can cause so much pain.

The ink ill use will be everlasting,

so everyone can know you were meant to be a classic.

You will hold your own volumes in my infinite rows,

Amazing anyone with your beautiful show.

You won’t be a mere page, a chapter or a book in my shelf,

You will be one of the main reasons why it stands there.

All the books that you have written I will read,

Because I would like to know someday,

That, someone, did the same for me.

That they took their time to relive all the things that hold my essence.

To flicker through the pages of my good and bad memories.

To get to know all of my lovely flowers and secret desires.

Yet respect my secrets, keep closed the books I have pushed back, in my presence.


-M.A. Fernández

© 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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