Ghost of a Chance

I would’ve been there if only you cared.

My soul would’ve wrapped around your heart,

I’d never let us part.

If you’d let me love you,

The way I knew I could

I would’ve always been there for you.

I craved to fill the spaces of you cracked heart.

Give meaning to a life that became so dark.

Show you the light, make it bright.

My intentions were pure like a summers day,

I could’ve made it all fade.

But you choose to love the pain.

Throw me away,

Now that it’s all in vain, you want me to stay.

After you took me apart like a broken toy,

You expect me to show joy.

When you see that the door closed,

Then you come back with a rose.

You have no good bone,

You are the image of the despicable unknown.

Reality has been shown.

Your heart is made of stone.

Now it’s my turn to let go.


-M.A. Fernández

© 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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