The Keeper

My past is rough my path is broken, some might laugh and think I’m joking but the reality is that God has spoken. This is something that I forgot, but now that it’s in my heart, I have to choose if I will obey him or not. my decision should be clear, but my heart and my soul are consumed with fear because I’m always worried about what is in the rear. My passion and envy take a hold of me sometimes and they don’t let me reach my prime. I know that God has something more, he doesn’t want to see me crawling on the floor. For what father forsakes his child, and leaves him to the beast of the wild. I know my God does not do this and for this, I smile. I know he will always try to get me back because I can see how he won’t let others attack. Through my bad decisions and sinful ways, his love never fades. And for this tonight once again I will praise and my hands I will raise. I am taking part in the best race and this race will let me see him face-to-face. I know I’ve made mistakes, I may have caused a lot of pain, I probably even made it rain, on those lives who at a point to me we’re just a game. But I know God has forgiven me for my past and now I have the choice to pick the right track. I feel the strength that he has given me to fight back. He Is protecting me when the devil tries to attack. And let’s be real, we know that our father does not lack. We are on the winning team and this is more than just a dream, I am telling you that God is willing to make you clean. So do not let the enemy cloud your judgment, because this is more than just about this moment. I know that sometimes we can be scared but I assure you that if you seek him, God will be there.

-M.A. Fernández

© 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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