Serving Riches

Day 7

Re-envision a classic story in an interesting new genre (example: Dante’s Inferno as a Western).

I’m not sure if it’s a classic, but I choose the story of Rumpelstiltskin by Brother Grimm. This was by far one the hardest thing I have ever had to write.

Brazil, Minas Gerais state, Ouro Preto, gold nugget from a mine (Gold Route, Estrada Real) Image:

“Father where are you going so well dresses?” she questions. Her father balances on his heels “ Ah my sweet, sweet love. Things are going to change for us you’ll see; I have a meeting with the mayor today” he replies.

“ The mayor, how did you make that happen?” she asks worriedly. He laughs, “ I got him to agree since he believes I have important business that will benefit the city,” he replies. She raises her eyebrows “Oh father, be careful, you always get yourself in such bad situations” she states.  He places his hands on her shoulders “ Don’t worry Isabel, it will all be ok. Just come with me ”he says smiling. She smiles “Of course I will,” she responds.

“Sir, the Mayor will see you know,” his secretary informs them. They both stand up “Wait here. I’ll be back shortly,” the man tells his daughter. She smiles and replies “Yes father”. He follows the secretary in the Mayor’s office “Mayor Brisket it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He says as extending his hand. “ Likewise Sir…” the mayor responds. He quickly jumps in “Sr. Eleanor.”

“Yes, of course, you said as much on the phone to my secretary. Now what is this business you believe will interest me so greatly?” the mayor inquires. The man steps forward “This may be hard to believe…but my daughter can turn rocks into gold. It would be great income for the city,” the man says. The mayor starts laughing instantly, “ Do you expect me to believe this?”

“I know it must sound preposterous but it is true. Just put her to the test, “ he replies. The mayor leans on his desk and shakes his head, “ very well bring me your daughter.”

“Emma the Mayor wants to speak to you ”the secretary informs. She stands up confused but still follows the secretary. “Your father says that you can turn rocks into gold. So I have brought you some rocks. Do what you do ”he states. She stands there confused not knowing what to do. “ If you and your father lying I will press charges against both of you.” She knows she can’t let this happen, no matter how crazy her father might have acted “ I can only do it when I am alone,” she replies. He stares at her without saying anything then resumes “ Very well then. Let’s leave her” he says and they leave the room. As soon as they are gone she starts to panic, “what am I going to do? I can’t make gold,” she says to herself. Two hours go by and she starts crying knowing that her situation was getting worse by the minute, then she hears a knock on the door and a man enters. “Why are you crying, my dear? Is there anything I can help you with?” he asks. She shakes her head, “unless you can turn rocks to gold, I believe there is nothing you can do” she informs him. He puts his hand on her chin “ Oh, my dear child, you’d be surprised the many things that can still be done even in this time and age. Now tell me what will give me in return ”he replies. “All I have is my smartphone on me” she replies. “That will do quite nicely,” he answers. He passes his hand over the rocks and they turn to gold. “Now for our bargain,” he says extending his hand. She gives him the phone and he walks out of the room.” Hours later the mayor and her father walk into the room. “You actually did it. I will have more rocks for you tomorrow” he tells them.

They both leave and come back the next day. This time mayor has a whole room filled with rocks and he leaves her to turn them to gold. Once again the man from the day before returns. “Looks like you need my help again. What do you have to offer me today?” he says smiling. “All I have is a tablet”, she replies. “ That will do,” he says as he extends his hand and grabs the tablet. He passes his hand above the rocks and in two hours all the rocks in the room are turned to gold. The man walks out of the room and an hour later the mayor and her father walk in. “ I can’t believe my eyes. If you are able to do this one more time I will give both you and your father good positions under my supervision” he says as he opens the door for them to go. The next day they returned and Emma was left alone with a room full of rocks. Once again the man came to her, “So…what can you offer me today?” he says smiling. She shakes her head “ I have nothing else I can give you. I gave you everything I had” she replies. “Very well, how about a promise then? When you have you’re first born, I want you to promise me you will let me adopt him or her” the man replies. Seeing as she was only 18, this was a promise that meant nothing to her at the moment. “ It’s a deal” she replies. So the man once again turned all the rocks to gold. When the mayor came in and saw all the gold he started the process to find them both employment.

Years went on and both Emma and her father became successful. Emma met a wonderful man and in time they got married. By then she was 25 and was ready to start a family with her husband. A year later she became pregnant and when the child was born, the man she had once met came to take her child away. It was extremely painful for her to see him take her child, so she begged him not to take him away, she promised him money but he wanted none. However he did feel some compassion for her pain, so he made one last deal with her. “If you can figure out the adoption agency I’m using in three days time I will let you keep your child,” the man replied. The man left her with her child, each day returning to hear her suggestions, she had named every agency in her city but none had been the one the man had used. She only had one day left so she went searching for answers when she spotted the man talking to none other than the Mayor.

“Thank you for allowing me to start my own adoption agency, I’m sure Serving Hands will be great for many kids,” Emma overheard the man say. She went back to her home and waited for the man. When the man finally came he asked, “ Now then do you know the name of my agency?

“Is it Many Solutions?” she teased. “It is not” he replied.” “Is it Many Miracles?” she continued. “It is not,” he answered. “Is it Serving Hands?” she finally said correctly.“ How did you know that? There is no possible way!”

“Well, I do now if I were you I would leave my home. The police are on their way.” The man enraged, tried to attack Emma as the police stormed in, however he was still hostile and pulled out a gun, to which the police had no choice but to shoot him down.“Don’t worry ma’am you’ll be safe from now on. This man will no longer be able to hurt you,” an officer says. “ Thank you, officer, my family and I are grateful” she replied.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved



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