Day 11

Make up a near-death experience

Burnout Paradise - Wrecked Car-720x405 Image: https://www.google.com/imghp

We leave the restaurant it was so much fun, I had a good time…the best I’ve had in awhile. My friend goes with her boyfriend in his car and I go back to mine. I pull out my phone send her a text “see you at your house.” She responds ” Ok. Follow us Jay knows a shortcut” I text her back “alright cool.” I wait for them to get out of the parking lot and follow them. It’s raining, how much I hate rain. I mean I know it’s good for plants and all, plus dancing in the rain can be fun, but on winter and when our going out, not fun! We come to a stoplight, the light turns red and I lose them. I grab my phone and call my friend, “Hey Jess slow down a bit, I got stuck on the red light. Bye” I say and hang up. I speed a little to catch up with them, I can see them a few meters away. I finally catch up to them and we start going up a hill. I’m at end of the hill waiting to turn left, I go to turn but my car won’t go up, it just stays in the same place. “What the hell, come on!” I say to my car. I try again but the wheels just move in the same place and then my car is sliding down hill, I freak out instantly. I hit the break but the car doesn’t stop. I can see the needle in the speedometer increasing, fast. I try the brakes again but that just makes the car swerve even more. I’m on full on panic mode now; my car is about to go into ongoing traffic and there’s nothing I can do. I see a car coming straight at me, he avoids  hitting me head on but I can hear his car scrape mine. The scrape has no effect on my car which just keeps going backwards. There’s a cliff at the end, I slam the break and my car finally responds. The car is still going fast and I slam into the railings, my head rocks forward and hits the steering wheel. Next thing I now Jess is hugging me, “M..are you ok? You gave me a damn heart attack?” I rub my head, “Yeah, I’ fine. Where’s my car?” She points to the railings, it’s barely hanging on” she says. “Omg” I say and instantly start crying. A police officer comes to where Jess and I are sitting “Miss you were extremely lucky. We have no idea how those railings held your car… But thank God they did. Truly a miracle. You take care Miss. You should go rest, calm your nerves. Have a nice night” he says. “Thank you. You too.” He walks away and I look at Jess “Next time no shortcuts” I say. She starts laughing, “Definitely, no shortcuts” and we both start laughing. “Well at least one good thing came out of this…Now I have an awesome story to tell” I say smiling.


Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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