I want to thank all those people that have had some type of contact with my blog the first months of the year. I may not know who you are but it means a great deal to me that you took some of your time to view my work. From Brazil, United Kingdom, Portugal, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Ukraine, Greece, Philippines,United Arab Emirates, Belize, Romania, Colombia,Singapore, Qatar, Puerto Rico, Peru, Mozambique, Iraq, France,Ecuador, Mexico and Argentina. Thank you all, this is for all of you.

Day 26

Write about the world.

vlaggen.jpg Image:

I sour in the sky to a better world, a world unknown. Beautiful mountains, captivating rivers. Different languages, all a new challenge to try. Socialize with others, enter their world, all about humanity. I try new foods and drink each lands juices, it’s liberating to be led by others. I stand at the edge at the world, in the border of each country, jumping to the next, because each has it’s own best. Creative people, beautiful shows, heat and snow. Oceans to cross, lands to travel, by car, by plane, stone roads leading to castles. Our world has become one, we are all together in this battle. We are overcoming the struggle. Intertwine through love and business, both risky matters. Our world uniting in marriage and battle, our babies shake their rattles. Asking for freedom to be who they want to be, we are not Mongoloid,  Caucasoid ,Australoid,  Negroid or Capoid. We are Humanity.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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