Loves Clashing Polars

Day 27

Write about something that is and isn’t, was and could be.

70-day_and_night.jpg Image:

Like the sun and moon they were always just a little too far from each other. Star-crossed lovers that never reached their destination.With the pain and hope of redemption. Fading comets in the night, a wish upon a hidden star. Romeo and Juliet in different worlds, different forevers. They were the soft whispers and loud thunders of the night, the breezes of March and the brutal cold of December. They were June and July, and November. They were more than what could be remembered. They were the night and day that dance together in the sunset and a new horizon. They were a newborn phoenix, risen. They were life, they were death, they were a long and short breath. They were all you’d ever want to be. They were truth and deception blending together to become a perfect gray. Their love was based on a desire to leave and to stay. They were October ,they were May.  They were everything and they were nothing, the present and the past, a future who no one knew if it could last. They were a memory, and a concrete idea; moving fast.


Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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