Mellow Monophobia

Day 9

Write a poem that includes a line that you’re afraid to write. This might be because it expresses something very personal that makes you uncomfortable – either because of its content (“I always hated grandma”), or because it seems too emotional or ugly or strange (“I love you so much I would eat a cockroach for you”). Or even because it sounds too boring or expected (“You know what? I like cooking noodles and going to bed at 7 p.m.”). But it should be something that you’re genuinely a little scared to say. 



Everyone goes away,

That’s a simple thing to say.

Sometimes it hurts;

sometimes you stay the same.

On occasions these disappearances,

make you question what you believe

and what you can actually achieve.

They all come and go for different reasons,

their presence fading like seasons.

Is it them? Or is it me?

Who’s the one that ends up free?

What if I’m not good enough?

We all have our stuff.

But what if it’s me and not them.

They leave even if you’re a good friend.

Is something wrong with the way I think,

Why so many severed links?

Will it always be this way?

Will the pain ever fade?

Is this result of having a good heart;

or of tearing your ideas apart?

Does anyone truly ever accept the character of another?

Or do they all want us to be followers?

I may be scared, I may not be accepted,

maybe even rejected, but this is my world.

My design of perfection.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Mellow Monophobia

  1. This definitely involves some pretty personal feelings; thank you for having the courage to share these thoughts with us. I don’t want to comment on this too heavily, because I don’t know you very well and that would be a difficult conversation to have over the internet. But I do think there are people who accept others for who they are. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of them, although I only knew them for a short time.

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