I waited a while to post my last poem for NaPoWriMo, I got stuck for a while and just wanted my next poem to be something with meaning for me. So after more than a month here it is.

Day 30

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I’ve been waiting; who knows how long. It’s been years it’s been centuries. Of fears and lost memories. Of the inability to just be me, to be free. And I’ve been searching for ways to say what I feel, trying to make sure that what I was living was real. That my mind hadn’t tried to create a better world to escape from my torture but failed in the attempt and made it all rupture. I hate to be one to complain, and see the world so dark is a shame; especially when there’s so much death, hunger and strife. And though complaining may seem wrong sometimes it just seems right. I’ve been told my whole life that the answer is no, that I can’t be who I choose, that I can’t do the things I do. That I can’t go the places I go and still follow the norm. That I can’t dribble a ball and be expected to be treated like a girl who wears heels. That I expect too much, that my dreams are far-fetched. Small minded individuals that never let me be; that don’t like to see others free. And many times I’m alone and confused and it’s something I refuse. Not to be alone, that’s something that I choose. But to be confused about the path I take, to just sit and wait for the answers from fate. I’m impatient, but I get the importance of time but I like to see the results of the small climb, the little steps that take you there; closer to the answer of your perfect where. A lot of people understand so little of me, a lot of people try to hold me back because my personality is too strong and my ideas are set in stone and for this, I walk alone. Yet not alone enough that I feel free; because many are still chasing me. But I’m so close, so close to the freedom that I seek, a freedom where I can just be unique.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “There

  1. I hate giving advice to people I don’t know…because I have no idea what your situation is like and giving advice generally isn’t the most helpful response. But as I see it, the only way you’ll ever realize your full potential is by listening to the cues your body gives you and following your own lead. There will always be those who want to control you, who disapprove of the way you are because it’s different from what they view as ideal (sometimes these are family members). But if you let your true self be shown eventually you’ll find people who value you for who you are.


      • It’s about both. If you accept yourself then eventually you’ll find those who appreciate you for who you are.

        The first step is to accept yourself, since unless you do that you’ll never be comfortable with letting yourself be known. But I don’t believe that’s enough. Humans are social creatures; we need to feel connected to others in order to be at our best. So we can spend as much time discovering ourselves as we want, but if we shut ourselves off from other people we can still end up feeling miserable.


      • Yes, you’re absolutely right! There are some people who have toxic effects on us, regardless of whether or not they intend to. This can be a tricky situation, and in this case I’m even more reluctant to say what I think someone should do. In this situation I think it’s better to just listen and help the person decide what they feel is the best course of action.


      • I get how you can get to these conclusion which I fully agree with. However when I wrote the poem I was only focusing on how others try to change individuals and how they expect for you to be small minded about the future and just wait for time to figure things out instead of putting action.

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