The Surrender

Do you remember how he said he loved you? How he said he’d be there but now he’s found nowhere. So you remember how he said always and forever? Oh, these boys they lie so well but we have to be fair. We bitch and moan, and cry and stare and that’s why they’re not there. At least that’s what they say, at least that’s what they make us believe, and we see the hours pass, one, two, three and we hope to be set free. But still, we wait past one, two and three. Oh, the way we let the boys put us to shame because we think we are waiting for men, but we dream about what was then. You know that nice moment when they actually cared when they were in your prayers as much as if you were in theirs. Then time passes you know the way time does, but now the boys have no motivation and no cause. The calls get shorter and nights get longer, as your soul becomes devoured by hunger. But you always stay and you wait, because you have love and you have faith. You believe it will all be ok because he still looks into your eyes and tells you to stay. But then he screams at you to go away and your hopes are shattered and your dreams set on fire, as everything becomes dire. While the boys be boys, the women slowly grow and start to know. They start to develop and understand, what is wrong and what is right, as they finally believe that sometimes its ok, not to fight.

M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2017 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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