Simple Diversities

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I often question what it means to respect, to respect yourself, to respect others to respect those you care about and those who truly mean nothing to you at all. Today I woke up to find something that truly devastated me not because of the action but what was implied. Today I remember all those people who told me to give him a chance and of course I speak about our president. A man who today stood in front of millions and said that our nation is a nation where we speak English. And although the statement may not seem controversial at first and is, in fact, accurate, since we do in fact speak English, we also speak a whole gamut of other languages. Today I feel the same way I felt when I found out that Trump had been elected as president, today I fear what is and what will be. Something so simple as removing the Spanish page of the White House can seem so hurtful and so disrespectful. It was a resource that affected no one and created inclusion for so many. In his campaign, Trump states he cared about Hispanics, blacks, and all minorities but apparently not enough to respect these minorities languages and what these languages mean to them. However, it does not come to my surprise that he would try and rip a source of pride so profound as is the language of an individual. A source that connects so many, deeply to his or her culture. I understand the need to speak English in the USA and I am highly in favor for those who do not speak the language of taking time to learn. However, no one should ever make an individual feel his language should be hidden, as I myself have felt today. This is part of what I contribute to society, this is part of what gives me more value that I already possess. Being bilingual is not an opportunity but a blessing. I have the opportunity to learn and be a part of different cultures all connected by one common language. As many others may feel, this is what I carry with me from my home, as well as the want and need to create a better life for myself, should not make me suppress that which is rooted deep inside me.

  -M.A. Fernández

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28 thoughts on “Simple Diversities

  1. I hope and pray everyone will have patience with our new President. I was not a fan until the choice was him or Hillary. Then I had to learn about him and now respect him tremendously! Our country was going in the wrong direction! We must respect ALL lives starting with the unborn. Why do some care more for animals or protect bald eagles but cheapen the greatest gift of all, life of a baby. If you only listen to mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc, no wonder there is such hatred for him, his beautiful and VERY successful wife who came from a war torn and sad background, and to pick on their adorable 10 year old son? His adult children are amazing and even Hillary said it! He’s so imperfect but so was King David and so am I! If Jesus was just elected, the MSM would find fault with him. I believe what I’ve read: “The move is expected to be temporary, with the Washington Post quoting White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer today as saying the Spanish site would soon return and blaming work issues and a desire to “hit the ground running” and make sure as much information was put up under the Trump administration as soon as possible.” You know there are issues with Spanish translations. He doesn’t want things done poorly. I’m sure there were issues. He’s not opposed to legitimate immigrants, but ILLEGAL invaders. He has many Hispanic supporters and people on staff who think for themselves and also want the best for our country! I trust him and am very happy with every appointee and decision to date.


    • Its not about the website it’s about his rude remark how a Spanish reporter should speak English, she was reporting in Spanish it’s ignorant on his part. I could care less about Hilary this is all about Trump. Don’t tell me this is a nation where we speak English when this is a melting pot, we speak more than one language, instead on just saying the site will be back. He went on a rant of how people should learn English and not speak Spanish in certain situations and went as far as to criticize other president who spoke it, when they were only trying to make voters feel included. In regards to the baby’s it’s not about abortion, its about freedom of choice, I’m pro life but I should be able to have control over my own body because when it comes down to it, it’s my body. And if life is so important to him then let refugees from war in. I would never in my life compare something about Jesus to Trump, it’s just too different.

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      • Looks like we’ll never agree. I’m only able to speak English and I nearly flunked 7th grade because I could pass my English class. My niece loves the Spanish language, majored in it plus a major in the sciences (chemistry, etc) so she could teach hard subjects in Spanish. First job after college was in Mexico where she met the love of her life. He’s also a language genius as he studies the Bible in both Greek and Hebrew, able to read and comprehend the original texts. Their 3 adorable children are bi-lingua. We are close to them as a family. Fernando gets upset with Trump but his wife “gets” him (Trump). As much is wrong with Trump was wrong with Obama. But I gave him a chance and hoped and prayed he’d be the man to heal our racial divide-but he didn’t try. Bill Clinton went to the town whenever a cop was mercilessly shot and killed. Obama was silent and fueled the disrespect of cops. I’m a retired cop so I know of what I speak. So we all get hurt by imperfect humans. And NO, I didn’t compare Trump to Jesus! I simply said the mainstream media would find fault with Jesus if he was president: look he’s talking kindly to a prostitute for example. They twist everyone’s motives.


      • Its not about agreeing but understanding the other persons point. The media will do that and I get no one is perfect, but he’s disrespectful and thats my point and I personally believe he doesn’t care as much as he states he does.


  2. Hello.

    I am German and I started to refresh my English knowledge so it´s a bit difficult to me to explain what I mean.

    For my person I always refused to be simple German; I am Rhinelander with the heartbeat of my “Kölsch” slang. It´s like a melody, like singing, when we speak and talk; it´s a part of myself.

    I think, You feel similar in Your way to speak and to talk as You were born and grown up. Anybody got the right, to repress that feeling.

    And the person of Mr.Trump… It seems to me like a foreplay to worse things, which going to come…

    All the best to You.


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