Ceased Wings



-M.A. Fernández

 Copyright © 2017 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “Ceased Wings

  1. Hello.

    Awaken a bit more I´ve red the word “ceased”. Me I am like a little sparrow ceased by less money, what life sometimes makes a little difficult.

    And now a Syrian family was given the key to the attic apartment in the house.

    They have to try harder to stay here, especially when they are muslims.
    I did not knew, what kind of people they might be.

    But yesterday I saw their son in law and… I know him! Very nice person!

    I dont know how my neighbors in the house and in the neighborhood will accept them. Me, I am quite sure, will like the family… 😉


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