Love the Game

Day 20

Write about something you like

espnw_a_basketball_mb_800x450 Image:

I’ve missed it, I’ve missed it so much, it’s better than what I remember. The adrenaline kicks through my body and gives me the energy I didn’t even know I had. It flows out of me with so much ease. I let the ball go over and over, each time it feels just a bit better. Each time it becomes a little bit easier and the ball goes in smoothly. With the perfect force. Even when the exhaustion kicks in, I still find a motive to continue. The fun, the passion, the excitement it all drives me to play the game that I not only like, but that I love. Others might not understand the love a female can feel for the game. But I’ll love it all the same.

-M.A. Fernández

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Lost Star

Day 19

Write a poem with the word star in it.

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He is everything and he is nothing. Want more but only get something. The scraps and crumbs of faded conversations. Wishing for sentences that fill whole books and not just pages. Libraries filled with infinite rows of a love that only grows. But we’re wishing when there are no shooting stars when reality couldn’t set us more apart. All odds are far from in our favor, time seems like it has stopped forever when you’re waiting for something that will never come. Yet there’s still hope for what might become. Damn hope always anchoring itself in private properties. Respects no limits, breaks all boundaries and it does so, so loudly. Yet no matter what hope might make you feel, at the end what matters is what’s real.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

After All

Day 18

Free Write don’t think about it just write.

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I’ve wanted to talk about it for so long and here it is. I’m scared shitless but there’s no other way to feel. I feel the words coming out, but I’m just thinking of how everything I say can just ruin this moment. We love each other that’s clear, or is it? Maybe it is to me, maybe it has always been clear to me. But maybe it’s just been clear to me. I’ve been fighting for it so long I don’t know if I want it cause it’s real, or I’m just used to the fight. But then again no one makes me feel this way, not one other person in the world. It has always been so unique and that’s what I love about it. Yet the fear always creeps in, is it my fear or is it his? Maybe he can feel my fear and that’s why he shows his. Is there a possibility that we are just both afraid of losing each other? We want each other so bad, but we want to make sure it works. Life just wouldn’t be the same without the other. So we speak, but we come to no conclusion. We want it, that much is clear, but it seems like we’re just not meant to get what we want. Is the world such a cruel place, that it pulls away the most hopeful lovers? I don’t know what there’s left to do. So I think it’s my turn to wait. Wait for the love I crave so deeply to return to me. Wait for the day I will be set free.


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Rise of the Roaring Heart

Fell a day behind but I’m back.

Day 17

Write 3 Haiku’s ( An emotion, an animal, a place)



It is more than fun,

fills the deep part of the heart.

Brings bright dreams, it’s love.


I am fierce, I’m brave,

king of the jungle, always

No one can compare


I stand at the top,

I feel so brave, it’s insane,

My empire state.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Love Can be Too Much

Day 16

2 poems (one of a poem, another a quest)

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The classic elements are all mine, the feeling of power that they bring me, to have them under my control.

The earth rises to my command, water rushes when I demand.

Fires start with a wave of my hand, I make winds blow throughout the lands.

I can create and destroy as I see fit. I am one with the elements; we are the same spirit.

declaration-of-love_23-2147517078 Image:

He sets out for a quest, he has so much power but this is by far his biggest test.

He doesn’t know how to control what lies deep within him.

The feelings that overpower him every night, yet give him a reason to fight.

He’s on a journey to discover love, to find the woman that was sent from above.

The woman he has proven was sent to him, it’s all based on faith not on a whim.

The chances might be slim, but he’s determined to win.


Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Disposable Synonym

Day 15

Write from the eyes of an inanimate object.

stack-of-paper-png-paper-stack Image:

Only when I’m needed am I searched for. Nowadays the case is so rare. At least that is in homes where so many smart devices exist. Offices still see my importance, banks, hospitals, stores and even gyms. Yet every day I’m looked for a little less, replaced constantly by something consider easier. But it makes me happy to know that I’m still needed. That I was created for a reason. Some treat me well, others…not so much. I’m ripped, crumbled, spat on, stepped on, misused. Some use me to make trouble, this never makes me happy, but alas there’s not much I can do. I’m used to create and I’m used to destroy. I have been around for centuries and I have been a witness to many things. Used to start wars and create treaties. I’ve been known to bring happiness, love, passion, envy, regret, truth, lies, revenge and forgiveness. I’ve been used in a hurry, but I’ve also been used carefully. Some know my value, but many take me for granted.I’m treated like I’m dead but I’m more alive than others. I can’t decide if it’s a good or a bad life; the life of a paper.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Mind of Two Spirits

Day 14

You just woke up in another person’s body.

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I wake up in his body, none other than his body. How I got here I have no idea. I can feel his presence he’s here, with me.“Omg, I must be going crazy”, I hear him say. I don’t think you are, I respond. “Becky? Is that you?” He asks. “Yeah, it’s me. Ryley, what’s going on?” I ask, which is extremely stupid since there is no way he could possibly know. “I have no freaking idea but this is odd,” he replies. “You’re telling me. Omg Ryley you better not make out with your girlfriend while I’m here, that would just be too weird” I practically plead him. He starts laughing, “Agreed. Honestly, I was thinking of ending it between us” he responds. I stay quiet, I’m too in shock to say anything, it might sound cruel but I’ve been waiting to hear those words for the longest time ever. But I know what it feels like to have my heart broken by this man and can’t help but feel bad for the poor girl. “Why? What happened?” I ask. I can feel his remorse, his confusion, his guilt, his pain and yet his relief. “I just need to be alone for a while. I need time for me. To think and stuff ” he responds. “Yeah, I get it. When you planning on doing it?” I inquire. “Tonight” he replies.

I hear his words “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t want to hurt you but I need some time for me, I don’t want to lead you on when I’m so confused” he finishes and I hear the girl crying and I feel so bad I just tune out. “Becky you there?” He says bringing me back to the present. “Yeah, I’m here ” I respond. “Ok. Let’s go figure out why you’re in my head I need to distract myself. Let’s go talk to my grandmother” he says. She sees us and starts to laugh, “Oh this is quite amusing,” she says” Ryley glares at her, “It’s not funny” he replies. “It is to an old woman like myself”, she says with a smile. “You do not see it now, but this has happened for a reason.

“And what reason is that? He asks her. “Oh, my dear boy, your bond to this girl is so strong that fate saw fit to bring you together until it can be refuted no more,” she says. “We don’t refute it, we know we are close friends” he replies frustrated. “Until the bond is forged you will not be free. Your two spirits to one mind” she says and walks away. We leave and Ryley goes to my house, “there’s a key under the mat,” I tell him. He opens the door and goes to my room; he sits on my bed and places his hands on his face. “It’ll be ok Ryley, we’ll figure this out,” I say trying to reassure him. I can feel him smile, “I hope so” he replies.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to be in here with you…so there’s something I want to tell you” I pause not knowing how to continue. “What is it?” He asks. I…for a long time now, what I mean to say is; I don’t know if you ever felt it…but I’m in love with you Ryley” I say terrified of his next words. “How could I be so blind? That’s what she meant…you know I love you too,” he says. “Just not in that way” I reply. “I wish I could hug you right now” are his only words. I get faint and I tumble inside his mind. I wake up to his arms around me. “Are you ok? I was scared. I thought I’d lost you…Becky she’s right I’ve been denying our bond. I have been so stupid. You’ve always been there for me, helped me in rough moments, you’ve always been my friend, protected me even when I didn’t deserve it. We are like night and day but we complete each other Becky. I love you Becky. I love you too,” he says smiling. My heart jumps at his words. He hugs me tightly and kisses me deeply and then he laughs. “It feels perfect. That’s why it never worked with anyone. It was you who I’ve been waiting for. Thank you for waiting for me, you are more than I ever deserved” he says and our lips join again.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Hell Hotel

Day 13

If hell was a hotel what would it look like.

hell Image:

I never thought I’d end up in a place like this. I start walking to the main entrance on a stone path, lava in between the cracks. Dried bushes and trees, skeleton remains of dogs or wolves and black rocks all around me. The entrance gate made of sharp rocks each higher than the one next to it, each side meeting at the edge of a letter. The letters on the gate forming one word, HELL. Fire at the top of the gate, a reddish-orange fog behind it which didn’t let you see much past the gate. I go through the gate and a black winged angel stands in front of me, thorns around his body, a black sword lit in flames in his hand. He moves aside for me to pass, behind him I see the hotel. A broken structure half made of wood, half made of concrete, all pitch black. Four immense black pillars decorate the front, each with a demon like gargoyle at the top with red glowing eyes. I enter the hotel, chandeliers made from skeleton bones hang from the ceiling, spider webs around them, all the candles fully light yet never melting. I go to the main desk and a disfigured clown with a discomforting smile and sharp teeth hands me my room key. I make my way to the elevator. I press a bug that acts as a button and the elevator door opens, Freddy Krueger ushers me in and leads me to my floor. I make my way to my room and use the skeleton key to open the door, room 13. The bed is made of rotting wood with pitchforks at each end. There’s a few torture devices as decorations and spider webs all around the room. I go to the bathroom and see my new bathtub shall be a coffin. I walk to the window see if getting some fresh air is even the slightest possibility. I can barely see outside the window, it’s smeared with blood practically all over. I hear faint screams coming from no specific place. I open the window only to notice that the hotel is in the middle of a graveyard; the first tombstone only a few feet away from the hotel. I sit on my new bed and turn on the red light bulb supposed to bright my room. I lay back; to think this is where I will spend the rest of my life. In Hell Hotel, till I die.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Lithium’s Wrath

Day 12

Start a short story with the line “ He was angry, so angry that his own power scared him.”

The-four-elements Image:

He was angry, so angry that his own power scared him. Fire escaped his hands, lighting roared from his eyes, winds blew all around him and the earth shook with every step he took. “You killed my father, my mother, my sister, even my little brother!” he screamed. “You will pay for what you have done! You will rue the day that you ever came to know me. The day you dared hurt my family!” as he screamed the lighting and fire that poured from his body only grew. The boy in front of him shook with fear. “Please, please, spare me. I did not know who they were…I was only following orders. Please forgive me. If I had known who they were, I would have never struck against them” the boy said while on his knees. The young man’s voice only grew more fierce“ And who was it that sent you?” he shouted as chlorine and potassium spurt out of his mouth. “It was Arsim” the boy answered. “Arsim. He shall pay for what he has done. Go! Tell him that I will come for him. He will pay for what his done.” The boy stood and ran to his master’s kingdom. Lithium started to head for Arsim’s Kingdom, his power so strong no man could stop him. He soon reached Arsim’s court. “Is this what you wanted?” he asks flames igniting at the end of his sentence. “What are you?” Arsim asks with a trembling voice. “ Someone you should have not angered” Lithium responds with a raise of his hand. He closes his fist and snaps Arsim’s neck. Lithium strikes the floor with his palm and an earthquake stars to rumble all the castles walls. Arsim’s Kingdom crumbling at his command.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


Day 11

Make up a near-death experience

Burnout Paradise - Wrecked Car-720x405 Image:

We leave the restaurant it was so much fun, I had a good time…the best I’ve had in awhile. My friend goes with her boyfriend in his car and I go back to mine. I pull out my phone send her a text “see you at your house.” She responds ” Ok. Follow us Jay knows a shortcut” I text her back “alright cool.” I wait for them to get out of the parking lot and follow them. It’s raining, how much I hate rain. I mean I know it’s good for plants and all, plus dancing in the rain can be fun, but on winter and when our going out, not fun! We come to a stoplight, the light turns red and I lose them. I grab my phone and call my friend, “Hey Jess slow down a bit, I got stuck on the red light. Bye” I say and hang up. I speed a little to catch up with them, I can see them a few meters away. I finally catch up to them and we start going up a hill. I’m at end of the hill waiting to turn left, I go to turn but my car won’t go up, it just stays in the same place. “What the hell, come on!” I say to my car. I try again but the wheels just move in the same place and then my car is sliding down hill, I freak out instantly. I hit the break but the car doesn’t stop. I can see the needle in the speedometer increasing, fast. I try the brakes again but that just makes the car swerve even more. I’m on full on panic mode now; my car is about to go into ongoing traffic and there’s nothing I can do. I see a car coming straight at me, he avoids  hitting me head on but I can hear his car scrape mine. The scrape has no effect on my car which just keeps going backwards. There’s a cliff at the end, I slam the break and my car finally responds. The car is still going fast and I slam into the railings, my head rocks forward and hits the steering wheel. Next thing I now Jess is hugging me, “M..are you ok? You gave me a damn heart attack?” I rub my head, “Yeah, I’ fine. Where’s my car?” She points to the railings, it’s barely hanging on” she says. “Omg” I say and instantly start crying. A police officer comes to where Jess and I are sitting “Miss you were extremely lucky. We have no idea how those railings held your car… But thank God they did. Truly a miracle. You take care Miss. You should go rest, calm your nerves. Have a nice night” he says. “Thank you. You too.” He walks away and I look at Jess “Next time no shortcuts” I say. She starts laughing, “Definitely, no shortcuts” and we both start laughing. “Well at least one good thing came out of this…Now I have an awesome story to tell” I say smiling.


Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved