Seeing that I find myself in Vegas, I found it appropiate for todays six words one pic to be a picture of vegas. 

So many building, so little places.

All the lights, so much darkness.

We find ourselves sourrounded by nothing.


Like yesterday I challenge you to try and come up with six words for one pic.

1.I waited but he never arrived.

2.My dreams were clear as fears.

3. Being alone in a beautiful world.

I challenge you guys to join me for a six words one pic challenge. I’ll be posting for a few days this challenge. Try and aim to do three, six words combination.Let’s have fun!


  1. Oasis for the mind, perfect find.
  2. Palm tree, free you and me.
  3. Freedom and escape all together, forever.


right left brain garden.jpgImage:

There’s a battle within the mind of where to go and who to find. To go wild or stay in line. There’s a battle to understand the things that should be done, to live right or to live for fun. To follow the heart , to decide where to start. There’s a battle in the mind that leads to success or to failure. A battle that will either destroy or make you endure. There’s a battle in the mind to try and go on; before the chances are all gone.


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The Empty Beings


Souls hide in empty rooms, broken and jagged from dark battles filled with doom. Souls leave bodies time and time again, wrapping around their necks chains of immense pain. Souls break, as others heal, unaware of what’s fraudulent and what is real.


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Simple Diversities

Thank-You-in-different-languages-smaller.png Image:

I often question what it means to respect, to respect yourself, to respect others to respect those you care about and those who truly mean nothing to you at all. Today I woke up to find something that truly devastated me not because of the action but what was implied. Today I remember all those people who told me to give him a chance and of course I speak about our president. A man who today stood in front of millions and said that our nation is a nation where we speak English. And although the statement may not seem controversial at first and is in fact accurate, since we do in fact speak English, we also speak a whole gamut of other languages. Today I feel the same way I felt when I found out that Trump had been elected as president, today I fear what is and what will be. Something so simple as removing the Spanish page of the White House can seem so hurtful and so disrespectful. It was a resource that affected no one and created inclusion for so many. In his campaign, Trump states he cared about hispanics, blacks and all minorities but apparently not enough to respect these minorities languages and what these languages means to them. However it does not come to my surprise that he would try and rip a source of pride so profound as is the language of an individual. A source that connects so many, deeply to his or her culture. I understand the need to speak english in the USA and I am highly in favor for those who do not speak the language of taking time to learn. However no one should ever make an individual feel his language should be hidden, as I myself have felt today.This is part of what I contribute to society, this is part of what gives me more value that I already posses. Being bilingual is not an opportunity but a blessing. I have the opportunity to learn and be a part of different cultures all connected by one common language. As many others may feel this is what I carry with me from my home and the want and need to create a better life for myself, should not make me suppress that which is rooted deep inside me.


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Faultless Soul

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She never is good enough, she never does enough. She’s so edged and so rough, always pretending to be tough. She requieres so much attention, she always has to talk. She’s so gentle, she should be a rock. She’s so loud, she needs to quiet down. She’s so unhappy, needs to turn that frown around.She complains so much, she’s always in a rush. She’s so crazy but she’s so special. She’s my golden medal.She falls but she also rises. She’s my beauty and my queen. She’s the one with whom you dream.She has a heart so large. She always knows when to take charge. She’s what gives me a start. She’s what keeps me from falling apart.


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