The Day that Donald trumped America: Fear over Freedom


Daybreak this morning was as unclear as why a bigot is now the representative of a nation I have come to know as my own. Many might see the defeat of an untrustworthy female candidate who could put our national security at danger but I see the trump and victory of everything that is wrong with America. I open my eyes this morning to realize people’s intentions and thoughts towards many races and possibly myself are as unclear as the weather on this God awful day.A day where the sky was nice enough to mourn with all of those individuals within minority groups who can truly understand why the election of The Donald is a move ten step backwards and not forward. Today was a defeat for women’s rights, immigrants, refugees,the LGBT community and down right everyone who does not fit in to Donald Trump’s concept of making America great again. Today I lose my trust in so many fellow Americans who don’t care enough about others to comprehend why their vote undid everything we strived for the last 8 years with the election of Barack Obama, because it’s not about the changes he implemented but the ones he represented. Today I weep over the realization that my freedom has been shackled and as a female minority my hope and fearlessness has been imprisoned, while my anxiety and apprehension have been set free. My hope of being and feeling equal have been ripped from my heart and I’m left thinking what this choice Americans made will cause. I have never been more scared of being different and truly believe that until I am convinced otherwise I should not create an interracial family who will not feel safe, during the next four years. Today I look over my shoulder and wonder who thinks of me negatively and who does not. For the first time in my life I fear what is to come, as our ancestors and founding fathers tremble in their graves while witnessing how we spit and stomp on what they worked for; by allowing a racist, sexist and straight out bully take the reigns of our house. Today unborn babies are safer than living beings and we open our doors to threats of wars because we shall no longer apologize to our enemies, even if it serves the greater good. While in all, observing as our market slowly falls and businesses stay a float because their taxes shall be cut. On this 9th of November I recognize nothing will ever be the same, our eyes have been open and we have become intolerant to the idea that a bully, bigot, racist and sexist individual represents a false image of us to the world. This is not who we are, this is not what we want, this is not what we fight for. We might not be able to change the results but our voices shall be heard, it shall be known that blacks, whites, latinos, muslims and a whole gamut of races are not satisfied with the choice that was made. We may all combined still be a minority but we shall rise and we shall be heard, we will demonstrate that regressing is not ok. Once upon a time we chose Barack Obama for a reason. We all wanted and want change, but this trump over America, is not the change we intended.



Some opportunies only happen once, we have to be vigilant of when the train is going to pass, because it comes around twice for no one-M.Fernández

There is no success without sacrifices, one must sacrifice to succeed. – M. Fernández

Diversión is essential to achieve greatness. – M. Fernández

Knowledge without wisdom can only lead to destruction. – M. Fernández

A powerful mind provides a powerful weapon. -M.Fernández

The amount of words in a statement does not influence its veracity. -M.Fernández

Life is a war and my soul is a battlefield. -M.Fernández

Pride is not achieved by boldness but by self-control. -M.Fernández