He kisses and caresses her, tells her shes so sweet. That he has eyes for no others and she was who he was waiting to meet. Their interests and their taste just seem to align and everything seems perfect, everything seems fine. Innocent laughs, and gentle brushes,turn into misguided hands and sexual touches. Her mind tells her, just tells her too wait, it’s too much to soon it’s all so insane. But she likes the feel, the feel of being touched, even more she likes the idea of being loved. All the while her body betrays her and gives signs she dosen’t want to send. She feels weak and powerless she wants to give in, but this boy she just met, he isn’t even a friend. Yet some how some way she makes things come to an end. Thanking God she was still strong enough to pretend. But time goes by and they meet again and it seems this time she just wont withstand. Theres something about him she just can resist and everything seems so happy maybe this is finally her good twist. Maybe this is the happy ever after shes been so longing for, maybe this time she wont end up crying on the floor. So she gives it all, with all her might, she decides to give her heart and begin to fight. She fights for something that seems true and it almost seems like he’s fighting too. He wants the future and the happy ever after maybe this time it wont be a disaster. She slowly learns to love her self again, just like she did before she met them. But time passes and things quickly turn bad, and the soft and gentle kisses surely come to pass. The intense nights filled with passion soon turn to screams and dark actions and she cradles a body thats no longer there, that feels nothing for no one except for himself. But she holds on to an idea that dosen’t seem to pass, holding on to a misconception of something that wont last. She lets herself get quieter every time and the demons in her mind start appearing outside of nighttime. She wants to escape but dosen’t know how, she got stuck in a brutal love game and dosent know what to do now. So she closes her eyes and wishes for the best, maybe this was all some sort of test. A test she’ll never know if she passed or she failed, only that it took her, really nowhere. And she compares this with what she’s lived before and she finds herself, yes, thats right, crying on the floor. That place to which she vowed she’d never return, thinking next time it would be their turn. So she crumbles away within her heart, knowing again it’s time for a restart. 


 Copyright © 2017 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


The Verge

She walked with ball and chain tied to her heart. Carrying the sins of her past, while trying to find a way to last. She tortured herself over things she couldn’t change, she got tied down by a horrible game. She held her mistakes closely to her mind, yet hoping some peace she would find. She let herself get lost and stopped believing in herself, she slowly lost all her care. Her dreams and desires seemed to fade away. Her love for art was no longer enough and everything seemed to come at a cost. She lost her sense of value and what made her think she was special in the moment where it was most essential.


 Copyright © 2017 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Six words one pic.


Facing rivers with the simplest solutions.

Today we build, tomorrow we live.

Storms are coming but we’re safe.

March Madness Award, That’s So Jacob’s March Blog Madness!


I want to thank Singledust: https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/, for nominating me this award. I wasn’t aware of there being an official image for this award,nonetheless I wanted to share this with all of you.

Six words one pic.


The hope of new life today.

Beauty in the smallest of places.

New beginnings, small beginnings, perfect starts.

Seeing that I find myself in Vegas, I found it appropiate for todays six words one pic to be a picture of vegas. 

So many building, so little places.

All the lights, so much darkness.

We find ourselves sourrounded by nothing.

Like yesterday I challenge you to try and come up with six words for one pic.

1.I waited but he never arrived.

2.My dreams were clear as fears.

3. Being alone in a beautiful world.