One and Only

Let the World Know


I looked at him as I lied next to him.

This man who had been through so much with me,

this man who had in his own way tried to set me free.

Sure he was flawed as we all are,

yet he was true and honest right from the start.

This man who had loved me regardless of all the mistakes I made

or the games that unconsciously I played.

I looked at the man I had loved for so long, 7 years.

 Regardless if we were together or apart,

he always managed to have my heart.

I took a moment to look at him,

to really cherish what was in front me.

I think at that moment, in that split second,

I understood why my heart was broken and always closing.

I comprehended why everything seemed so bleak,

when he wasn’t next to me.

He was, my biggest regret,

losing him was my saddest failed test.

He was my alfa and I was he was his omega,

I was his darkness and he was my light.

He was everything that could go right,

that one person for which you always fight.

He was and is a person you have to love,

because a part of him just seems to be sent from above.

I looked at him realizing for the first time,

he was that one person I could never forget because my life drastically changed; the day our souls met.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2018 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved