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His fear is evident;

we’ve been waiting so long,

many times unable to hold on.

Our paths, crossed and crossed but never seemed to align,

no matter how much we searched,

we could never each other find.

Now we’re here face to face,

but no one knows what choice to make or if we should just let it all fade.

But the memories are buried deep inside,

begging that we don’t let them die.

We’ve survived too much to give up now,

but the question always remains and that is how?

How do we let go of all the scars traced across our hearts?

Those scars that at night tear us apart. He’s the one I’ve been searching for all this time,

not knowing he’s been here all along,

tied to the notion that we belong.

If only we could let go of all the hurt and all the pain,

maybe we could erase our mistakes

and finally mend all the heartbreaks.

But his fear is evident

and theres not much I can do,

except maybe say,

I’ve always loved you.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright© 2021 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved.


The Tripper

You; are a drug.


So I always come back for more,

I permit your love to run through my veins; all around my system.

You give me an inmensurable high;

in the process destroy my sole.

You pick me up but I still end up low.

You ignited in me a spark that wont dwindle.

Poured gasoline over me, created an untamable fire.

Filled me with love and desire.

Yo crated a slave, always looking for a fix.

Tearing down my wall, made from betrayer bricks.

Unprotected, uncontrollable.

I am no longer my unknown.

I am yours.

– M.A.Fernández

Copyright© 2021 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved.



Only days pass before I begin to yearn for him and I can only hope he feels the same. The thought of him consumes my soul and it just makes me love him so much more. My heart is once again alive regardless of how much time has passed. I can feel his touch even when it hasn’t occurred and to some, it might seem absurd, but every thought just makes me work up my nerve. To fight for him like I’ve never fought before because this could lead to so much more. A life of happy moments and perfect nights, alongside the man who was always right. The only man who stuck by me through thick and thin and was never scared to show me what was within. A man so selfless, who would let another have my heart if this would turn my life into art. But he’s the man who inspires my soul and makes me search for more. He’s the man I can never forget and whom no matter, what I never regret. He’s the man only man I want to love because in him I can always trust.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2017 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Tales of a Siren

Different worlds but same love.

How do I learn to trust?

My body transforms when I feel your lips.

I feel the pain at my hip.

You’re taking me on a painful trip.

I’m not supposed to be loved,

so I say again how am I supposed to trust.

Your love is causing me so much pain,

our love is in vain.

I transform into a figure you won’t want to see,

I run away not from you but from me

. You set me on fire, you set me free.

Yet you turn me into something I can’t be.



© 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

We are 26

Today the challenge is to write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet. There are a couple of ways of doing this. You could write a poem of 26 words, in which each word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. You could write a poem of 26 lines, where each line begins with a successive letter. Or finally, if you’d prefer to narrow your focus, perhaps you could write a poem which focuses on a few letters, using words that repeat them.


Abnormal Behavior.

Craving, Dying.

Eager For

Good Heart


Just Kindness.


More Normalcy.



Quite Respect.

Sound Temper.

Undebatable Vows,

We Experience.

You. Zealous.


-M.A. Fernández

© 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

All Consuming Flame

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Never had I loved with the intensity of a thousand fires.

Nor had I felt so much passion and desire.

In your eyes, I saw an everlasting calmness, a passiveness that eased my being.

Yet a fire that stirred up my heart and ignited my mind.

I can still feel your fingers tracing my broken silhouette, making it whole again.

And boy did it feel good to be in your arms, oh, so good, to hold you forever tight.

To drift off into your being, share the deepest parts of my soul.

Never had it felt so good, to be so close.

To have my heart ripped out of my chest, have it taken care of at its best.

I can still feel your hugs screaming my name.

Giving loose end, to my all-consuming flame.

Your soft, sweet kisses, reviving my cheek, your cool breath under the starry night.

Everything good, everything right. Everything bright.

Never did I remember loving you so much, as I remember tonight.


© 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Day 1 – The Known and the Unknown

Day 1

Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.

word-magnets1 Image: https://www.google.com/imghp

Matters, who knows what matters, is it life or is it matter.

Anyone can give their opinion but few can give facts. Clear, undebatable.

Remember that opinions are just that and nothing more.

Lost in the sea of chatters, of words and concepts.

Ideas in crowded minds, many combinations, with 26 letters.

No matter, 26 letters revive and fill the world with infinite possibilities, creating limitless amounts of theories and ideas.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

Given / Response- Love of Lies

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Given by Irving Cruz

Almost every day people could hear your cries…

It serves you right for all your lies…

And every time it rains…

I don’t know why but I feel your pain…

It’s like I could see you through the raindrops crying…

And I know I have to do something but I’m not trying…

I went to your house to see you…

I didn’t know what to say…

But I had a feeling that I should stay…

I really wanted to tell you the truth…

So here it goes I love you…

Response by M.A. Fernández

My lies were all I ever had…

Your indecisive mind just drove me mad…

Maybe I’m not the only one feeling pain…

I mean how could we tell with all this rain…

If you have to do something, then do it fast…

Because there is no other way to make this last…

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to say…

If you think you should stay…

Then just don’t go away…

I’m really glad you told me the truth…

So here’s my response, I love you too…

Copyright © 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved

I’ll Be There

Always-By-Your-Side.jpg Image: https://www.google.com/imghp

When everything is right, I’ll be there.

When life couldn’t possibly be better, I’ll be there.

When you have too many friends, I’ll be there.

When you feel loved, I’ll be there.

But most importantly,

When everything is wrong, I’ll be there.

When no friends are to be found, I’ll be there.

When you feel unloved, I’ll be there.

When you laugh, I’ll be there.

When you cry, I’ll be there.

When you want to talk, I’ll be there.

When you want to sit in silence, I’ll be there.

Just remember; that no matter what goes on…

I’ll be there.

-M.A. Fernández

Copyright © 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved