Broken Hope

You were my greatest adventure and my biggest mistake.

My dream when asleep, my nightmare awake.

Always came and went without a trace.

No one ever saw your face.

The secret I could never keep.

Your stench would always make me weep.

I knew you would do this to me and I still let you.

Always hoped you would be more thankful.

Appreciate all the love and care I stripped from my soul,

Since I was always so closed off.

I gave you the keys to my immense gates,

Believing that our love was brought on by fate.

But nothing for you was ever black and white, it was all grey.

And now its too late, I have to endure the pain, that I won in your game.

What a great trophy.

A constant reminder.

Of how you trampled on a newborn flower.

Failed to get to the morning hour.

Fixated on your lasting power.

In the innocence of my mind, there was hope that you’d always be mine.

Now, this thought makes me cry.

While I’m breaking, your just fine.

You gave me love, pretend to care and as I told you in the end,

One day you would no longer be there.

But you had to pretend it wasn’t this way.

Now my love for you is starting to fade,

Leaving me with some small hate.

Not for you, because you don’t deserve my time,

but for me who let you in, acting so blind.

Now I’m stuck in a messy bind.

And my way I can’t seem to find.

Never walking the right line.

You were the destructor of my body,

The enemy of my heart,

The ruin of my mind.


-M.A. Fernández

© 2015 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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