Sinful Nature

Write a poem about having an affair, or discovering your partner is having one.

It lies in secrets, it’s all alone, nobody knows.

They get the rush of each others breath, it’s easy it’s fresh.

They thrive off the thought they will soon be together,

even though it will never be forever.

Lots of moments full of highs, but they can’t help but cry.

The knowledge of doing something wrong,

Adding third parties to a doubles song.

In the moment it all feels good,

but that also ends, just as it should.

Setting fire to a structure made out of wood.

It catches fire slowly but surely burns fast.

Nothing left were the past once stood.

Left with an empty feeling today, it just won’t fade.

Threw it all away, for an eternal mistake,

Now they lie awake, hoping something will change,

wishing for the good, letting go of the strange.


Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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