Pass Away

Day 8



I gave you love, I gave you friendship; I gave you honesty, I gave you my heart.You gave me lies, and empty conversations, that till this day have no meaning. Words with no foundation. Actions based on deception. You rid me of pages I will never get back, and you ask; how can I be mad? How can I be mad that you wasted my time? How can I be mad you said everything would be fine? How can I be mad that you led me on? How can I be mad when your words said let go but your actions told me to hold? You played with fire and I got burnt. Then you wonder why you have no more turns. You were another devil in disguise and I fell for are your lies, trying to look for truth in trained eyes. You told me what I wanted I wanted to hear and  believed you because of my fear that I could never love again, not the way I did when I opened my heart. When I ripped my chest apart, so you could throw your darts. Poison on the tips, cupid didn’t show you this trick. So you wonder why I’m guarded, why I no longer let you in? When all I did was lose and all you did was win.


Copyright © 2016 Marlin Alicea Fernández, Soul to Ink. All Rights Reserved


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